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When one entity attempts to gain sovereignty toward something, it results to turmoil. As the general population suffers from the chaos and devastation, the combatants in the field experience a different kind of horror. That is the kind of feat that Mingin Irn conveys in his autobiography, The Sea of Feed.

While serving in the military, he has seen lives taken away by bullets and explosives as people navigate the tricky fields of war. He was one of the wounded soldiers fighting for a nation’s cause. But the pain he felt physically cannot compare to the despair he felt in his soul as he grieves for all the innocent and young lives that ended before his eyes.

So Mingin Irn dedicates his work to those who devote their lives in defending a nation, to those who lost their lives in combat, those who lost their loved ones in war, and to those who are suffering the destruction of armed catastrophes.


About the Author

Mingin Irn graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He served as a 35M human intelligence collector for the Military Intelligence Corps in the US Army for 14 years. Throughout his active duty, he has been to many places, both foreign and domestic. After incurring injuries while on OEF status that left him in a coma and on life support for months, he was honorably discharged.

Now, he is a proud member of Wounded Warrior Alumni and Wounded Warrior Project. He was also inducted as part of Golden Key International Honor Society, Salute Veterans National Honor Society, Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society for Business, and Alpha Sigma Lambda Honor Society.


Nothing left but remnants of an earthen wall, and a crumbling concrete partition with the following inscription: “For the combatant, life has a savor, and flavor, the protected will never know.”

The Huey’s metal fuselage of semi-monocoque construction was disembodied with the fury of the Gods, detaching the Jesus Nut2 . . . severing the main rotor and backlashing it like an unruly lightning whip . . . separating several ground troops from their upper and lower extremities . . . like a rampaged sickle harvesting grain . . .

If hell was real, this is where it would exist (Vietnam). Fields of death coupled with blistering heat . . . heat so intense . . . even nature reverberated a scarcity of chatter in the silent landscape.

It was one of the most devilish sites I have ever witnessed . . . because . . . just when I thought that every single enemy combatant had perished . . . I noticed there were a few . . . motionless on the sod . . . blood still pumping . . . unable to move . . . laboriously breathing . . . staring at me . . . the demonic embodiment of pure madness.

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