Displacement - the inhumanity of humans towards others

Roberto Ramirez September 20, 2019

Reviewing the importance of the experience factor

Displacement refers to the forced movement of people from the environment or locality where they have been living until now. When people are made to move away from their occupational activities forcefully, that too would come under the purview of displacement. Climate change, rise in the sea level, natural d . . .

The wisdom of experience

Roberto Ramirez September 12, 2019

Reviewing the importance of the experience factor

Life experiences make people wise as they learn to separate the right from the wrong and develop the ability to make wise decisions depending on what the situation demands. The experience factor is especially important in the context of the armed forces where a single wrong move or incorrect decision can jeo . . .

Death - Inevitable or Tragedy

Roberto Ramirez August 15, 2019

Reviewing death - inevitable or tragedy theme

Death - inevitable or tragedy? It’s a big question that often plays in people’s minds. From popular fiction to films, one will find several references to the death - inevitable or tragedy theme. Though being born inevitably means dying one day, death is still a subject that’s dismal and oppressive for a ma . . .

Rebirth - a child recruit coming home as a Hero

Roberto Ramirez August 8, 2019

Comprehending rebirth definition in the military context

In his book “The Sea of Feed,” Mingin Irn mentions the journey of his rebirth into a military hero from what can be called a child recruit. It all began in his childhood when his father used to be absent frequently (as he was in the Armed Forces). The author remembers how he would be covered in ca . . .

Facing darkness on the battlefield

Roberto Ramirez August 1, 2019

Reviewing darkness definition in the war zone

In his book titled “The Sea of Feed,” US war veteran Mingin Irn gives his readers a glimpse of how darkness in the battlefield can act as a double-edged sword since it can both save and kill soldiers. Those wondering about darkness definition should know it means either pitch-black darkness (where it’s com . . .

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