An overview of patriotism

Roberto Ramirez July 25, 2019

Reviewing the difference between patriotism and nationalism

When talking about patriotism examples, most people cite the nation’s soldiers who fight to uphold the national sovereignty and nullify threats to it, if any.  Readers of US war veteran Mingin Irn’s book titled “The Sea of Feed” can get a glimpse of how patriotism inspires acts of valor bu . . .

An overview of marital companionship as salvation

Roberto Ramirez July 18, 2019

Reviewing companionship in marriage

Though most people associate marriage with sexuality and the means to procreate, they often forget another important aspect – companionship. And it’s not just an important element in marriage. Rather, it’s Biblical obligation as it’s believed to lead one to salvation. When God saw Adam’s aloneness, He created Ev . . .

Survival in the war

Roberto Ramirez July 11, 2019

Reviewing war's survival challenges

George Orwell once said - war isn’t meant to be won, it’s meant to be continuous. Perhaps this quote gives in an idea about how tough survival is in a war. War survival documentaries, movies, and fiction too depict the level of danger involved in a war. Fighting a war in itself is tough but it becomes tougher . . .

An overview of Nature’s Beauty and the risks it faces

Roberto Ramirez July 4, 2019

Reviewing the secrets of mystifying nature

For most humans, if not all, Nature’s beauty can have a huge effect. While some feel wonder, awe, or amazed seeing the beauty and variety of mystifying nature, some other simply feel relaxed and rejuvenated at the sight of nature’s bounty – be it a river, a mountain, a garden, a fruit-laden tree, a budding fl . . .

An overview of the circle of life

Roberto Ramirez June 27, 2019

Reviewing the circle of life in biology

Circle of Life in Lion King went on to become a famous song from Disney’s 1994 animated film. The song plays at the beginning of the film when Rafiki meets Mufasa - the present King of the Pride Lands, and blesses Simba - his newborn cub. The song touches upon the circle of life, saying it moves everyone through des . . .

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