Death - Inevitable or Tragedy

Roberto Ramirez August 15, 2019

Reviewing death - inevitable or tragedy theme

Death - Inevitable or Tragedy

Death - inevitable or tragedy? It’s a big question that often plays in people’s minds. From popular fiction to films, one will find several references to the death - inevitable or tragedy theme. Though being born inevitably means dying one day, death is still a subject that’s dismal and oppressive for a majority. For those in the armed forces, death is inevitable, yet unexpected – at times. But those who think death is inevitable and life is meaningless should think again because despite a looming death that’s unavoidable, it pays to live life to the fullest and rest on the deathbed thinking of having spent a happy and satisfied life. And that’s exactly what Mingin Irn’s book titled “The Sea of Feed” showcases.

In his book, US war veteran Mingin Irn talks about his and his father’s close encounters with death. He depicts several scenes in the war zones where death looms heavy and makes several soldiers its prey though it misses the author and his father, often by a whisker. Sometimes, the author and his team had to take upon the enemy – one round after another, and even during instances when they were hanging by a thread between life and death, they would stand their ground relentlessly. As a soldier, the author says that death was always present in the ambiance. Yet, when it came to the question of “death - inevitable or tragedy?” the men in uniform always took great pride in fighting for their country and sacrificing their lives for the cause.


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What’s your take on death? Do you think it’s inevitable or a tragedy that’s certain to strike? Let me know in the comments section below. To take the conversation forward, reach out to me via Facebook, Twitter, and Goodreads. To know more about my military experiences, don’t forget to read my book The Sea of Feed.

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