Displacement - the inhumanity of humans towards others

Roberto Ramirez September 20, 2019

Reviewing the importance of the experience factor

Displacement - the inhumanity of humans towards others

Displacement refers to the forced movement of people from the environment or locality where they have been living until now. When people are made to move away from their occupational activities forcefully, that too would come under the purview of displacement. Climate change, rise in the sea level, natural disasters (such as earthquake, famine, etc.), political strife, economic changes, civil conflict, and wars are some common reasons that trigger displacement behavior in humans. However, among all these, wars are the most common cause of triggering displacement disorder. And when one considers how humans are behind the armed conflicts that inflict such pain and emotional turmoil on people by compelling them to leave their homes or known locale, one may wonder what makes one category of humans show such inhumanity to its peers, who are often at a disadvantageous position.

In his book titled “The Sea of Feed,” US war veteran Mingin Irn tries to make sense of his displacement emotions. He talks about a range of emotions coursing through him – be it getting displaced by fear, by chaos, or by The Creator Himself. He remembers having these feelings when he was injured while on OEF status, which left him in a coma. He was put on life support for months and battled for his life. Feeling displaced after being injured made him question if he had done something extremely wrong in his life to deserve such a punishment, which was so unspeakable and heinous that he wouldn’t even wish this upon his arch-enemy.


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