Rebirth - a child recruit coming home as a Hero

Roberto Ramirez August 8, 2019

Comprehending rebirth definition in the military context


In his book “The Sea of Feed,” Mingin Irn mentions the journey of his rebirth into a military hero from what can be called a child recruit. It all began in his childhood when his father used to be absent frequently (as he was in the Armed Forces). The author remembers how he would be covered in camo, debris, mud, and grime every time he returned from his “field training exercises.” He remembers how his father was completely satisfied and pleased with his military career despite looking exhausted every time he came back home. This was the start of Mingin Irn’s love for the military as he started living vicariously through his father. He could be called a child recruit as he started participating in any military activity where his father’s unit allowed family participation. He even received a certificate for completing a 10,000-meter “Jungle Jaunt” run in less than 50 minutes.


A new chapter in Mingin Irn’s life began when he joined the military as an adult. Since rebirth definition refers to entering a new period of life, his military career could be called his rebirth. His MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) was 35M, and he was a trained HUMINT (Human Intelligence Collector). However, he was oblivious of the lurking danger that made him incur service-connected injuries in the line of duty. As a result, after 14 long years as a HUMINT, he was honorably discharged from Active Duty. This was again a sort of resurrection as he returned home a war hero. Thus, Mingin Irn’s life depicts what rebirth meaning truly is.



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