The wisdom of experience

Roberto Ramirez September 12, 2019

Reviewing the importance of the experience factor

The wisdom of experience

Life experiences make people wise as they learn to separate the right from the wrong and develop the ability to make wise decisions depending on what the situation demands. The experience factor is especially important in the context of the armed forces where a single wrong move or incorrect decision can jeopardize the safety of many and even cost lives. In his book titled “The Sea of Feed,” Mingin Irn touches upon the subject of experience and shows how it makes a man out of a boy. Those trying to find out experience meaning can get useful insights from this book on how nothing can replace life experiences and how they help in the development of well-rounded individuals.

The experience fragments of Mingin Irn’s father are worth noticing when trying to understand they shape a man. The author’s father started his journey in the military at the young age of 19 and went on to experience a lot of devastation and death. He saw his team members die when taking fire from the enemy, his Captain making a wrong call (even when he expressed his doubts, thanks to what his guts and experience told him) and taking the new route to a village that jeopardized lives, and much more. Coming from a broken marriage, he knew the importance of love and family support, which is why he chose wisely the second time around and did his best to make his family live happy and comfortable in whatever way he could, despite his long absences due to the call of duty.


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